Winter road maintenance

Salt is the most widely used product internationally to treat snow on roads and prevent sheets of ice forming on them. It plays an extremely important role in lowering the freezing point of water thereby making is easier to carry out road maintenance work in adverse conditions brought about by inclement weather.

Ibérica de Sales is the main supplier in the domestic de-icing salt market. Its facilities are in excellent condition and suitable for keeping large stocks of product and providing a fast, reliable service to meet the demands or various consumers during winter.

Located in a strategic position, it is characterised by an unrivalled quality of service and it is able to meet high demands for the product promptly.  Unlike other salt manufacturers, salt production at Ibérica de Sales is not dependent on meteorologial (sea salt) or other factors (cogeneration), as a result of which it can adjust its production system with the flexibility required by this market.

It processes and sells dry salt which is recommended in particular for curative treatments and high quality wet salt suitable for manufacturing brine for preventive treatments.  Both are treated with anti-caking agent.

Due to its low moisture content and particle size, dry salt is suitable for storage in vertical silos and can easily be applied on roads mechanically.

It is packaged as follows:

. In bulk both in tipper and tank trucks for filling silos.

. Big-bag of varying weights.

. 25 Kg. bags on 1.400 Kg. pallets.

. 10 Kg. bags on 1.140 Kg. pallets.

Wet rock salt for the production of brine is packeged as follows.

. In bulk.

. Big-bag of varying weights.

. 25 Kg. bags on 1.200 Kg. pallets.