Animal nutrition

Salt is an essential mineral for the diet of animals.  It stimulates the appetite and regulates the balance of liquids in their organism.

Animals can ingest salt in two ways: incorporated in their feed or directly through salt blocks.

Ibérica de Sales produces salt for animal nutrition and is the leading company in this market nationally.

The products it sells are certified and comply with the requirements laid down by the relevant regulations.

It processes fine common salt for animal feed manufacturers which is treated with anti-caking agent and has a low moisture content, all of which makes the salt easy to store and measure out.  This type of salt is packagen and sold as follows:

. In bulk in tipper or tank trucks for pneumatic discharge.

. Big-bag of varying weights.

. 25 Kg. bags on 1.400 Kg. pallets.

It also produces salt lick for cattle which is a totally natural product from mining with no other added product and which is processed exclusively using physical processes.   Two products are manufactured depending on the size of the salt lick:

. Balls of salt of between 10-20 Kg.  They can be supplied in bulk, in big-bag of varying weights in 30 Kg. bags.

. Blocks of salt of between 20-40 Kg.  They are supplied in bulk and in big-bag of varying weights.