Salt flat

Ibérica de Sales manufactures a high quality refined rock salt fram a raw common salt obtained during the processing plant´s primary crushing process.

A leaching process produces a concentrated brine which is stored in salt flat built for this purpose. The sun wind and heat conditions during the summer favour the evaporation of water from the salt pans and crystallisation of the salt contained in the brine.

The result of the salt refining process by crystallisation in the salt flat is a salt of edible quality suitable for use in food, the production of brine for preventive use on roads, decalcification and the tanning of hides among other things.

This salt is treated with anti-caking agent and three different products are manufactured depending on particle size:

. AG (particle size 0,5-10 mm.)

. AF-4 (particle size 0,5-5 mm.)

. AF-2 (particle size 0,5-2,5 mm.)

These salts are packaged as follows:

. In bulk.

. Big-bag of varying weights.

. 25 Kg. bags on 1.200 Kg. pallets.